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Scientific Name: Psittacula krameri
Mass: 130 g (Adult) Encyclopedia of Life
Higher Classification: Psittacula
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population increasing) Encyclopedia of Life

Although the Indian Ringneck has something of a reputation for being nippy and hard to tame, it is largely undeserved. Because they are so smart, Indian Ringnecks get bored very easily, and will often resort to chewing and other destructive behavior if left to their own devices. They also go through a bluffing stage during adolescence that is difficult for some owners to manage. Indian Ringnecks that are handled often and properly cared for, however, generally have sweet, charming personalities that make them a favorite of bird enthusiasts everywhere.

Indian ring-necked parakeets are relatively healthy birds; however they are susceptible to Polyomavirus, pssitacosis, apergillosis and bacterial infections. Indian ring-necked parakeets are excellent fliers and are capable of flying even after a recent wing-feather trim, so time outdoors should be in a harness or in a travel carrier to prevent them from flying away.

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