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Scientific Name: Amazona
Family: Psittacidae
Kingdom: Animalia
Higher classification: Androglossini
Class: Aves

The Amazon parrots are very energetic, playful and social creatures. Owning an Amazon Parrot is equivalent to owing a dog without wings. The Amazon Parrots require lots of affection and time from their owners, and they are curious athletic. They also love to perform clownish antics and entertain their owners. Sometimes they tend to become moody suddenly. If not trained and handled properly from a young age, they can become fairly aggressive.

Amazon parrots are prone to becoming obese, which is why owners should pay attention to the amount and types of food offered daily. Other diseases/conditions that affect Amazon parrots include: Polyomavirus (can cause anorexia, lethargy, weight loss, death); Chlamydiosis (signs include low appetite, fluffed feathers, nasal discharge) and vitamin-A deficiency if fed an inadequate diet.

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